Bright New Day

Usually I do all the weekly cleaning and maintenance on Monday, but it was much too soggy yesterday. It was still wet today, but not as soupy, so I decided to go ahead with the “housecleaning.”

I walked up to the Clubhouse, to free the poor, starving sheep who had been imprisoned in that barren hovel all night. They rushed out the gate to freedom, ready to enjoy the cool fall weather and the delicious, dew-covered grass. Then I shut the gate, so they’d be out of the way while I cleaned. Instantly they all came running back to the gate, begging to be let back into their nice cozy clubhouse, lest they perish in the hot, burning desert I’d locked them out in. Sheep. Sometimes there’s just no pleasing them.

About an hour later, the weekly maintenance is done. The gate is reopened, and order is restored to the universe! There’s a freshly cleaned Clubhouse, with fresh, clean water and fresh, clean salt waiting in freshly cleaned tubs! It’s a whole new mess to be made!


“Who picked out these curtains? I don’t like them. I’m going to pull this down, you girls go knock the salt over and dirty the water. Then we’ll make a mess of the floor.”

Note Lady’s nose poking up at the bottom, trying to get in the picture. Princess is usually my photobomber; I guess she’s been teaching the others bad habits.


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