Brown Sheep are Better!

Me: Aw, man! I want to knit this toy sheep pattern, but I don’t have enough brown yarn. All I have enough of is white!

My mom: So make a white sheep.

Me: Seriously? I can’t make a white sheep; Who ever heard of a white sheep?

Mom: …

Me: Ok, valid point… but brown sheep are better! Everybody knows brown sheep are better!

Mom: Most people don’t know there *are* brown sheep.

Me: Well if they did, they’d know brown ones are better.

To defend the honor of brown sheep everywhere, I put aside my budget scruples, bought more yarn, and made a lovely little flock of brown toy sheep! Well, MiniLady’s wool is white since I couldn’t get the fluffy yarn in tan, but since the rest of her is tan we’ll say she counts as brown.


Lovingly constructed according to the three rules which govern all my craft work:

1: Find the most difficult and complicated pattern available.

2: “Improve” the pattern to make it even more difficult and complicated look better.

3: Gripe about insanely difficult and complicated pattern until project is finished or I lose my patience and give up.

My first attempt has disappeared back into the WIP bag until my IQ increases enough for me to figure out my own modifications. Attempt #2 (MiniDuchess in the picture) I actually managed to finish, but I think modified pattern #3 (MiniPrincess, MiniLady, and MiniDuke) turned out the best. I’ll go back and make a better MiniDuchess next time I feel like making a stuffed animal. The final version modifications are very slight. I designed some crocheted horns for MiniDuke and MiniPrincess, and I used a fluffy boa yarn for the wool instead of using a textured stitch. The original pattern is here, if anyone’s interested.

Disclaimer: No offense meant to all the owners of white sheep. I’m sure your sheep are very pretty. It just so happens that all of my favorite sheep happen to be brown.


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