Reindeer Games

Every night right around bedtime, the sheep suddenly want to play. I always suggest my favorite sheep game, called “All the Sheep Go Straight to Bed Without a Fuss”, but it seems I’m the only one who likes that particular game.Image

This is a Splendid Game known as “Stand On Hind Legs and Look Over the Tarp Into the Clubhouse.” They could just walk around the wall into the Clubhouse to look around, but for some reason looking in over the wall is more fun. This game can easily keep their attention for half an hour.

Another Splendid Game is Hide and Seek, though they’re not particularly good at it:Image

Lady: Nobody can see me with my head under here!

Duchess: Has anyone seen Lady?

And if they’re really bored they might dance in a conga line…


… but no matter how much they delay it, bedtime must come eventually. Her Royal Woolliness is not best pleased when that time comes. She has recently introduced me to the tantrum of a spoiled Princess, complete with kicking, hitting, bucking, foot-stamping, and laying down and refusing to get up. I’m always open to an exchange of information, so I introduced her to the sheep handling techniques I learned in college, wherein the sheep is simply steered by a hand on her chin and pushed by a hand on her rump until she goes where she’s supposed to go. She indignantly told me those techniques are only for normal sheep, not for Princesses.


Princess: C’mon, Mom, I keep telling you I’m a HOUSESHEEP. I shouldn’t have to sleep in the Clubhouse with the commoners!

Fortunately for me, the little greedy gut can’t stay mad at her only source of crunchies for long.


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