Yay for Fall.

I love fall colors. I love fall scents. Pumpkins are the best thing ever. Those are the only good things about fall.

My allergies are miserable. I hate the cold. The days are getting shorter, so my energy is drained.

And, unfortunately, it’s gotten far enough into That Time of Year that I can’t go into the field with the sheep anymore because of the (Not So)Lazy Mini-Buffalo. He hasn’t hit me, but he’s definitely thinking about it and I don’t care to push my luck. This makes me sad, because I love hanging out with the girls, but it’s not worth getting thumped by those big Duke horns. 


I’m trying to figure out a way to close the night pen gate from the outside without climbing over the perimeter fence about 4 times. I did that last night, and I’m almost positive Princess was taking notes for her “Free Access to House and Yard” campaign. I didn’t account for rams when setting up the pen, but then I hadn’t planned on having a ram until next year, so I thought I’d have more time to tweak the setup.

Hopefully by Dec/Jan, he’ll be out of rut and will go back to his usual sweet-tempered self. If not, there will have to be Decisions. I’m leaning towards trying to set up a separate Boys’ Club and exiling him there next year with either a couple new breeding rams or his wethered sons for company, depending on how lucky I get in the lamb gender lottery. (I’m hoping there won’t be any sons to wether!) If I can’t get that set up, he’ll have to be sold or wethered himself. I don’t want to use him more than two breeding seasons anyway, but I’d hoped for a little more time to get a Boys’ Club built. Oh well. Them’s the breaks, I suppose.



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