I Should Just Listen to Princess…

“Hi! My name is Her Royal Woolliness Princess Hay Ewe, but you can call me Princess. Mommy says I was naughty yesterday. I squeezed through the gate into the yard when Mommy had her hands full. I keep telling her that I’m SUPPOSED to live in the yard and the house, but Mommy’s a little slow and just doesn’t understand. I’ll keep trying, though. I know humans are really dumb, but she has to figure it out EVENTUALLY. I stayed out for almost 20 minutes this time! It wasn’t as fun as I thought it would be, though. I hit my nose on the OuchyZappyFence, and I didn’t even get any crunchies for coming back!  

“Even if I did almost make Mommy late for church, I wasn’t as naughty as Duke. He was really bad! I don’t like Duke, I don’t know why he has to live here. I keep telling Mommy he’s mean and bossy and tries to tell me what to do, but she says stuff about wanting lambs in the spring and needing him. What’s she want more lambs for? She’s got me!


“Could she ask for a cuter face than that??

“Anyway, last night Duke didn’t think he got enough corn at bedtime. He acted like he was going to knock Mommy down! Mommy yelled and pushed him away with the YummyCrookedStick. Then she shut the Clubhouse door really hard and started telling Duke all these scary stories through the door about what happens to naughty rams. There were lots of words I didn’t understand like “surgery”, “vet” and “Freezer Camp”.

Poor Mommy. I think she had a bad day. I let her pet me for an extra long time this morning so she’d feel better.




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