Bedtime Battles

Just like always, I go out to put the sheep to bed for the night at seven o’clock. Duke, Duchess, and Lady come running up the hill, eat their evening snack, then move calmly into the clubhouse and wait for me to close the door. Only I can’t close the door, because Princess is still out. Pointedly ignoring me.

Me: Come on, Baby, it’s bedtime.

Princess: Mmm… nope. Don’t think so. No bedtime for me. Think I’ll chew on this tarp instead. Maybe graze a little bit. Or maybe I’ll stand on my hind legs, lift the gate latch and escape into the yard!

Me: Princess Hay Ewe, get your Royal Woolliness in here right now!

Princess: La-la-la, I can’t hear you!

Me: Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to give all the crunchies to the good sheep who went to bed, since Princess clearly doesn’t want any…

Princess: Nooo!! Those are MY crunchies! You can’t give them my crunchies!

With generous bribery cunning strategy, I finally lure her into the clubhouse, then quickly latch the door before she can dart back out. And double latch the yard gate. I feel very proud of myself for having outwitted her… until I’m about halfway to the house and I realize she manipulated me into giving her extra crunchy treats. For the umpteenth night in a row. Hmm. Wonder who the real strategist is around here??? 


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