Pumpkins are the Best!

Pumpkins are absolutely my favorite part of fall. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin butter, pumpkin pies, pretty much anything with pumpkin in it is good in my book. I read somewhere that pumpkin seeds are a good natural dewormer, and I decided that was excuse enough to feed pumpkins to the sheep. I set the pumpkin just outside the catch pen, hoping it would keep them entertained and out from underfoot while I mucked out the Sheep Clubhouse.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This picture is my flock summed up in one picture. Duchess and Lady hide behind Duke while he brandishes his horns and challenges the ScaryOrangeThing to stand up and fight. Princess walks right up and starts chewing, much to Duke’s consternation.

Once I split the pumpkin open, thus “killing” the ScaryOrangeThing, they tasted a tentative sample, and decided it was very tasty indeed!



Yummy pumpkin!

Unfortunately, not even a pumpkin was enough to keep Princess out of the way for long. Her Royal Woolliness was very excited about this new “mucking out” game I’d thought up, and decided to be Mommy’s Little Helper. Her job description mainly included chewing on everything and knocking things over.



“Yummy shovel!”



“Yummy broom!”



“Yummy duct tape!”



“Yummy wheelbarrow!”

Also sampled, but not pictured: yummy fence, yummy gate, yummy Mommy’s fingers/hair/clothes, and just for variety, some yummy salt.

Her final verdict was that the pumpkin was the yummiest, and she refused to go to bed last night until I brought what was left of the pumpkin in, too. Not a bit spoiled, is she?



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