Rough Week

Everybody warned me about rams during rut, and so far Duke’s behaving according to the textbook. He says all ramly rams have rams to ram to prove their ramliness to all the fair maidens, and it’s not fair that he has to make do with ramming the salt feeder off the wall. And ramming the wall itself. And the shade structure. And everything else.

Everybody forgot to warn me about the ewes. Although, from what I remember about my own pre-teen years, I probably should have expected goodly amounts of drama with three females hitting puberty at the same time. They suddenly feel the need to bicker, spar, and cat-fight at frequent intervals, and like anyone going through a growth spurt, they’re getting themselves into all kinds of extra trouble trying to get used to their rapidly-growing bodies.

Remember when Lady decided to be scurred? She changed her mind. She snapped her scur completely off, probably while sparring with one of the other girls. I don’t mind too much, since she looks much better without one lopsided horn, and it doesn’t seem to have bled overmuch, or caused any great amount of trauma to her head.

With Scur

With Scur


No Scur

No Scur

Then a few nights ago, Princess somehow got a large gouge in her hind leg during the night. Her Royal Woolliness is fine, but was very indignant and went into a royal sulk about the application of stinging antiseptic spray to the boo-boo. And who had the brilliant idea of making the wound spray bright red? Thanks to the color and all her squirming, what started as a rather large but relatively insignificant scrape ended up looking like something out of a horror movie. Today, determined to drive me prematurely gray,¬†Princess got those pointy horns she’s so proud of stuck firmly through the metal grid of the Sheep Clubhouse wall. Luckily for her, I noticed and was able to maneuver them free fairly quickly, but I was sure for a minute she’d break her horns or her neck trying to get loose.


Duchess: Those other two sure are troublesome. Aren’t you glad you have sweet little me, not causing any trouble?

Me: Remind me, who was it who managed to somehow escape an escape-proof fence on her second day here, required an epic two-hour rescue mission to get her back in, then promptly charged straight into the electric netting, got tangled up, got Duke tangled up, and tore out her ear tag?

Duchess: Well… aren’t you glad you have sweet little me who hasn’t caused any trouble recently?

Me: Of course I am, Baby.

Oh the joys of shepherd life. I’d be bored to tears without these crazy sheep.


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