Six months old!

Her Royal Woolliness turned six (months) today! She’s growing like a weed, which makes me wonder how close she’s getting to her adult size. The girls are already close to the size of mature British Soay ewes, but North American Soay are slightly larger, so they probably still have quite a bit of growing to do. Princess is the biggest of the three, though she’s the youngest. And here I thought bottle babies were all supposed to be stunted little runty things. Ha! Nobody told Princess.

Here’s a picture of her at three months, right after she arrived here. Look how short her little horn buds are! Especially compared to…


…this picture, taken this morning! Look at that headgear!


I’m not crazy about the angle on this picture, but it’s the best she’d let me get this morning. I have to be quick and sneaky taking pictures of her. Once she sees the camera, she starts mobbing me trying to eat it. I have many close-ups on my camera of her nose, one eye, and maybe part of an ear. I’m sure she does it on purpose, lunging forward just when I press the shutter button. For instance, the other day…


“What’s that black box? Is it yummy? Anything Mommy has in her hand has to be yummy!”


“Aw, come on, you let me chew on your stock cane! And your boots! And your sleeves! I wanna chew on the black box!”

No, Princess, you may not chew on the black box. Even if you are the birthday girl.


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