Shearing Stages 2 & 3


Yes, I know shearing a sheep with hand shears should take the shearer less than an hour, and with electric shears a matter of minutes.

Shearing a sheep with kitchen scissors through 2×4 gaps in the fence is a much more time consuming process. Especially when the sheep in question is sporting two years worth of completely felted dead wool. Time so far: Three days, working in the afternoon and evening.



Sunday afternoon/evening’s progress.


ImagePhoto taken this morning of yesterday evening’s progress.

On the plus side, the poor guy looks a lot happier and less like heatstroke waiting to happen than he did as a fluffball, and he has plenty of wool left to protect him from sunburn, even with the felt clipped off. And it turns out he’s a gorgeous mahogany color under all those nasty sun-bleached clumps of old wool! I hope his and Duchess’ lambs inherit their lovely coloring! 

Hopefully he’ll let me tackle his hindquarters tonight, and it’ll be done!


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