Early Morning

I’m not by any means a morning person; mornings and I just don’t get along. My brain doesn’t really start working until at least 8 o’clock. The sheep, however, wake with the dawn, and are ready to go start filling their rumens! Such happy enthusiasm for a daily ritual always lifts my mood in the morning.


Sheepy tails in the morning.

As I try to sneak away back to the house for my morning cup of wonderfully caffeinated tea, I usually find myself pursued by a frantically crying Princess, protesting that I must not leave her amongst such savages as these other sheep! I have to wait for her attention to be firmly fixed on grazing before I can escape. I’m like that mother at day care, who has to wait for her child to become sufficiently distracted by the toys for her to slip out the door unnoticed.


“Don’t you try to sneak out that gate, Mommy! I’m keeping an eye on you!”


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