Great New Days Better than Good Old Ones! Also: Rain, Rain, Go Away!

When I was in college, older people were always saying things like “Are you having fun? You better be having fun, these are the best years of your life! It’s all downhill from here! Make sure you’re having fun! You’ll never have it this good again!”

I’m so glad they were wrong. Not that I didn’t immensely enjoy waking up ridiculously early and driving for an hour to attend 8 o’clock math classes, but now I get to wake up ridiculously early and walk across my yard to find this:


“Mommy! I’m so glad you’re here! I tried to stop them, but…


just look what they did to their fleeces last night while you were gone!

Apparently, playing in the cedar shavings I put down yesterday is the most fun thing since knocking salt feeders off of walls! Oh well. At least the shavings are relatively dry. Ever since it started raining twice a day every day, the entire outside world has turned into a mud puddle, and the sawdust bedding had just turned to several inches of sludge. So far the shaving seem to be holding up better, but we’ll see. Hopefully pretty soon we’ll get to see the– what was it called? That big burning thing in the sky? Oh yeah! The sun. Hopefully there’ll be some sun soon, and the pond-sized puddles in the yard will dry up.


Literally pond-sized puddles. This is a puddle. A very big, very deep puddle. I’m working on inventing an anti-rain dance.


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