New Rules Just Voted In!

So the sheep apparently voted on two new rules regarding me the other day:

A) I must always wear my sun hat. Even if it’s not sunny. If I am not wearing my sun hat, I might actually be an Evil Alien Impostor, trying to trick them for Nefarious Purposes.

B) A rake is not an acceptable substitute for my shepherd’s crook. My shepherd’s crook is a NiceFriendlyThing, suitable for directing sheep. Also nice for sheep to chew on, given the opportunity. A rake, on the other hand, is an EvilScaryThing, capable of causing unknown but undoubtedly painful Bad Stuff. I must not carry a rake.

Princess proposed a third rule, namely:

C) Princess is a person and not a sheep, and must therefore be allowed access to the house instead of being penned in the yard with the sheep. 

Unfortunately, I had to veto that one.



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