Chilling in the Clubhouse

It’s all rainy and nasty today, but lately it’s been very hot and muggy. Since the ram, Duke, is still stubbornly clinging to his big shaggy fleece, the sheep have been spending most of their time in the tarp house.Image

Big yawn!

Princess may be the youngest of the three ewe lambs, but she’s won the title of Boss Lady by emerging the victor in many three-way head-bonking battles by employing the sharp pointy pain-causing things on her head that the others don’t have. She’s very proud of her emerging headgear, and has already managed to break the tip off of her left horn by bashing her head against everything in sight. When she’s not fighting off all other claims to the throne, she relaxes in her favorite “nest” in the tarp house.


Or, you know, tries to eat my shirtsleeves. 🙂



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