Settling In

Sunday evening it took over two hours to bring the sheep in for the night. We finally had to resort to setting up a pulley contraption on the gate that could be closed from a distance, like a big game trap.

Monday evening, Duchess somehow contrived to wind up on the wrong side of the fence. Do not ask how, I still haven’t figured it out myself. Duchess herself apparently couldn’t remember how she got out, since she was just running up and down the fence launching herself at it head first trying to get back in. Again, it took over two hours to get her back in and everyone put up for the night.

Tuesday, I was so tired of the drama that I didn’t let them out of the catch pen at all. I sat in there most of the day, letting them get used to me, so they wouldn’t be so panicky when I went to move them.

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday they started getting the hang of it, and it took less than 10 minutes to herd them in.

Tonight, all four of them tromped up into the pen 15 minutes early and stood there looking at me, waiting to be put up.

So happy with my fast learners! I think they’re smarter than I am! Next week starts lesson 2: rotational grazing. Hopefully they won’t be too upset by going to a different pasture.

Lady, Duchess, and Duke.


2 thoughts on “Settling In

    • Thank you! I’m looking forward to when I can look back at stuff I’m doing now and say “Haha, I remember how I used to stress out over every little thing, trying to figure everything out!” šŸ˜€

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