They’re here!

The sheep arrived this morning! My backyard/field is now home to four Soay sheep!ImageThis is Princess, aka Her Royal Wooliness Hay Ewe. Princess was a bottle baby, so she’s very friendly and can’t figure out why we’ve locked her in with a bunch of sheep instead of letting her out with the rest of the people. She wants to be friends with my collie, who would probably be very happy to have a woolly friend, except that he’s scared of the electric fence between them. Understandable, that. I’ve shocked myself twice today, and it’s not fun.


These three are the rest of Princess’ royal court. They’re still a bit shy and won’t let me touch them yet. The ewe with the white spot on her face is Lady and the dark faced one is Duchess. My father insisted on naming my ram (the gentleman with the headgear) the Duke, after John Wayne. Which I suppose technically fits my naming scheme. He’s very protective of Lady and Duchess, who usually hide behind him every time I enter the pen. He’d probably be protective of Princess, too, if she didn’t insist on walking up to the scary humans and chewing on their pant legs.

All four seem to be settling happily into their new home, and they’ll hopefully get to sample the bigger pasture tomorrow or Monday, depending on how quickly they demolish the grass in the catch pen.


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