Six days to Showtime!


As of June 1st, my farm is going to be home to a flock of Soay sheep– three ewes and a ram. This is a picture of one of the ewes as of a month ago… can’t wait to see how much she’s grown! Not the best picture, but it was kind of rainy that day, so this is the only picture I got.

This flock is a blessing from God, He’s worked everything out so perfectly it’s been miraculous.

In early May I visited a flock of Soay sheep, looking for lambs for a starter flock. I was praying for three ewe lambs just weaned, traditionally colored, and polled (without horns) to be available at a price I could afford. Since it was well past the end of lambing season and most other farms’ lambs had sold out in advance, I wasn’t even sure if any lambs would be left. Ewe lambs are generally the most expensive, and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to afford them even if any were available. I was also worried about buying from this flock because it is managed as a wild flock system. The sheep are handled as little as possible, and I was afraid sheep that had never been handled would be untamable.

When I arrived at the farm, the man told me not one of his flock’s lambs had sold yet, and he had lambs ready to wean by the first of June– just enough time for me to finish getting my land ready! On top of that, the traditionally colored, polled ewe lambs were discounted because he was trying to breed for white, horned ewes!

As I was looking around, I noticed one lamb outside the fence tagging along at the man’s heels and nibbling on his landscaping. Turns out, this year, the man’s wife found a newborn ewe lamb that had been rejected by her mother, and insisted that they bottle raise her—Something they generally refuse to do on this farm, because of the labor involved, and because a bottle raised lamb is completely tame! On top of all else, he’s delivering the lambs to me and giving me an adult ram for free! No one could ever have felt more blessed than I did– and still do!


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